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Highly Secure and Reliable - Cloud Stacking Plan resides on an encrypted network in a professionally maintained data center. We utilize best-in-class hardware over multiple paths to provide guaranteed uptime.

Use Everywhere - Cloud Stacking Plan operates on any tablet or pc browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Android and Firefox. Anywhere you have an internet connection on a device with a browser, you will have access to Cloud Stacking Plan.

Create Unlimited Plans - Create stacking plans for as many buildings as you wish. We place no restriction on number of properties.

Create Leasing Availability Profiles - Cloud Stacking Plan provides the ability to create Lease Availability Profiles. From within the property detail and the suite detail pages you can enter pertinent information regarding suites that are available for lease within your property. Then from the reporting module, you can print Lease Availability Profiles for the properties that have available space. Click here for an example.

Property Navigation - Create and view your properties on a single screen. Whether you have 5 properties or 500, they're all managed from a centralized interface.

Google Maps - Cloud Stacking Plan is integrated with Google Maps so you can view your properties in relation to their physical location.

Import Properties - Bulk import existing properties into your account if you have an Excel spreadsheet of basic property information.

Import Property Detail - Import existing property data into your property if you have an Excel spreadsheet of floor/tenant/suite information. If you are an existing user of our original Windows based Stacking Plan Software, you can import your existing files.

Customize Stacking Plans - Virtually every feature within Cloud Stacking Plan is customizable. Specify every last detail of your plan from font sizes and styles to border color and style to data elements and summary data within the headers and footers.

Embed Links to Documents in Your Stacking Plans - You can embed floor plan documents or other files inside your stacking plan. Users will be able to click a link within the stacking plan cells to view suite-related documents.

Categorized and General Cloud Storage -Store unlimited documents at property, suite or general system level.

Print and Export - Print and/or export your stacking plan to HTML, PDF or BMP (Bitmap) format.

Edit Plans Offline - Save your plans to HTML files on your local device, then open, edit and customize them in Microsoft Word or any other word processor compatible with HTML.

Publicize Your Plans - Plans can be generated and stored in a public area on our network where they can be accessed via URL. This will enable you to embed your plan within other websites or simply email a link to people you want to share your plan with. Click here for a sample.

Occupancy and Listing Activity Management - Track tenant and suite leasing history as well as listing activity such as inquiries, showings, request for proposal, and others.

Reports and Analysis - Cloud Stacking Plan has several reports including lease expiration, vacant space, rent roll, tenant listing, lease comparable, tenant listing activity and others. Reports can be generated and exported in formats of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or PDF.

Contact Management - Manage contacts of listing agents, tenant agents, building personnel and tenant personnel.

Multi-User Capable - Share your information with other users. Please contact us for more information.

Always Growing and Improving - Cloud Stacking Plan is consistently updated with new features and improvements based on feedback from our users and leading industry professionals.

Satisfied Customers

Since 2003, we have provided stacking plan solutions to commercial property management and real estate companies of all sizes.

CBRE Group | Jones Lang LaSalle | Equity Office Properties | Barclay Street Real Estate | Cresa Partners | Grubb & Ellis | Lee & Associates | Pyramid Brokerage | Lincoln Properties | Keller Williams Commercial | Shorenstein Realty | Cushman & Wakefield | Brookfield Office Properties

"We originally purchased the PC version many years ago, but have recently converted to Cloud Stacking Plan. We're very pleased with the additional functionality within Cloud Stacking Plan. Thank you for providing such a useful tool and for several years of great service. Your attention to detail is noticed and greatly appreciated."

Tom Simon, Inplex Commercial Property Management

"I have been using Cloud Stacking Plan for years now, as a commercial real estate broker I find this is one of the essential tools we need on a daily basis."

Kris Hong, Barclay Street Real Estate

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